A Crowdsourcing Approach to Collecting Tutorial Videos

A Crowdsourcing Approach to Collecting Tutorial Videos – Toward Personalized Learning-at-Scale

Jacob Whitehill and Margo Seltzer

We investigated the feasibility of crowdsourcing full-fledged tutorial videos from ordinary people on the Web on how to solve math problems related to logarithms. This kind of approach (a form of learner sourcing [9, 11])to efficiently collecting tutorial videos and other learning resources could be useful for realizing personalized learning-at-scale, whereby students receive specific learning resources – drawn from a large and diverse set – that are tailored to their individual and time-varying needs. Results of our study, in which we collected 399 videos from 66 unique “teachers” on Mechanical Turk, suggest that (1) approximately 100 videos – over 80% of which are mathematically fully correct – can be crowdsourced per week for $5/video; (2) the average learning gains(posttest minus pretest score) associated with watchingthe videos was stat. sig. higher than for a control video(0.105 versus 0.045); and (3) the average learning gains(0.1416) from watching the best tested crowdsourced videos was comparable to the learning gains (0.1506)from watching a popular Khan Academy video on logarithms.