Session 4 Changes

The last two sessions of Session 4 have switched places: “Mining Students Pre-instruction Beliefs for Improved Learning” by Angel Perez Lemonche, David Pritchard and John Stewart is now at 9:30AM, and “Scaling Up Writing in the Curriculum: Batch Mode Active Learning for Automated Essay Scoring” by Scott Hellman, Mark Rosenstein, Andrew Gorman, William Murray, Lee Becker, Alok Baikadi, Jill Budden and Peter Foltz is now at 9:45AM.

Sessions 1 and 5 Changes

An additional change to session 1: “On the Acceptance and Usefulness of Personalized Learning Objectives in MOOCs” by Tobias Rohloff, Dominic Sauer and Christoph Meinel has moved to Session 1, Monday at 11:15AM, and “Two views of scale: Design Principles for Scaling Reach and Empowerment” by Chinmay Kulkarni has moved to Session 5, Tuesday at 11:15AM.

Session 1 Schedule Change

Slight change to Session 1: “Two views of scale: Design Principles for Scaling Reach and Empowerment” has moved to 11:15AM due to a flight cancellation, and each preceding presentation has moved up one slot.

Welcome to Learning @ Scale 2019!

Hey everyone!

We’re excited to see you in a couple days for Learning @ Scale 2019!

Here are a few things to expect, both for attendees and presenters:

  • For everyone: All sessions for the conference will be at the Honore Ballroom at the Palmer House Hilton. The program is available at — any last-minute updates (such as this message) will be posted to
  • For everyone: At the conclusion of the poster session Monday evening, we invite anyone looking for dinner plans to gather in the Honore Ballroom. We’ll briefly try to help you organize groups with which to attend dinner based on common interests.
  • For everyone: At the closing session on Tuesday, Oracle will present the conference Best Paper award. We will also announce the location of next year’s Learning @ Scale conference, and the new Learning @ Scale steering committee. We’ll also discuss the future of Learning @ Scale as a whole and what you’d like to see from the conference in the future. So, we’d love to see you all there!
  • For attendees: During the sessions, we’re going to try for a slightly different presentation pattern. Rather than taking questions immediately after each presentation, questions can instead be submitted via Twitter using the hashtag #las2019ed or via this Google Form: Session chairs will curate questions to ask during a panel discussion with the authors during the last 30 minutes of the session. Audience questions will also be taken during these panels. Our hope is to stimulate more discussion amongst presenters, so feel free to send in bigger questions targeted to all the presenters!
  • For presenters: Correspondingly, please plan to stick around for the panel discussion at the conclusion of your paper’s session to answer any audience questions that come up.
  • For poster presenters: Although the poster session is on Monday evening, you are welcome and encouraged to hang your poster up earlier and leave it up for the duration of the conference. Posters will be hung in the Honore Ballroom as well.

We’re excited to see you next week!