Keynote by Dr. Katie Davis: “What My Little Pony Can Teach Us About Interest-Driven Learning”

Fireside Chat: Ethics in L@S with Sidney D’Mello, Stephanie Teasley, Ellen Wagner, and moderated by Candace Thille 

Accepted Full Papers

  • “Two Stances, Three Genres, and Four Intractable Dilemmas for the Future of Learning at Scale” – Justin Reich

  • “The Synchronicity Paradox in Online Education” – David Joyner, Qiaosi Wang, Suyash Thakare, Shan Jing, Ashok Goel and Blair MacIntyre

  • “Affordable Degrees at Scale: New Phenomenon or New Hype?” – David Park, Robert Schmidt, Charankumar Akiri, Stephanie Kwak and David Joyner

  • “Using Information Visualization to Promote Students’ Reflection on “Gaming the System” in Online Learning” – Meng Xia, Yuya Asano, Joseph Jay Williams, Huamin Qu and Xiaojuan Ma

  • “Studying Retrieval Practice in an Intelligent Tutoring System” – Jeffrey Matayoshi, Hasan Uzun and Eric Cosyn

  • “Sensing Affect to Empower Students: Learner Perspectives on Affect-Sensitive Technology in Large Educational Contexts” – Qiaosi Wang, Shan Jing, David Joyner, Lauren Wilcox, Hong Li, Thomas Ploetz and Betsy Disalvo

  • “The Effect of Informing Agency in Self-Directed Online Learning Environments” – Benjamin Xie, Greg L. Nelson, Harshitha Akkaraju, William Kwok and Amy J. Ko

  • “Informal Learning Communities: The Other Massive Open Online ‘C'” – Will Hudgins, Michael Lynch, Ash Schmal, Harsh Sikka, Michael Swenson and David Joyner

  • “Co-Teaching Computer Science Across Borders: Human-Centric Learning at Scale” – Chris Piech, Lisa Einstein, Lisa Yan, Baris Bozkurt, Ana Saavedra and Nick Mckeown

  • “Effectiveness of Crowd-Sourcing On-Demand Tutoring from Teachers in Online Learning Platforms” – Thanaporn Patikorn and Neil Heffernan

  • “PARQR: Automatic Post Suggestion in the Piazza OnlineForum to Support Degree Seeking Online Masters Students” – India Irish, Roy Finkelberg, Daniel Nkemelu, Swar Gujrania, Aadarsh Padiyath, Sumedha Raman, Chirag Tailor, Rosa Arriaga and Thad Starner

  • “Understanding Learner Behavior Through Learning Design Informed Learning Analytics” – Hao Shen, Leming Liang, Nancy Law, Erik Hemberg and Una-May O’Reilly

  • “Students’ Achievement of Personalized Learning Objectives in MOOCs” – Tobias Rohloff, Dominic Sauer and Christoph Meinel

  • “Student Engagement in Mobile Learning via Text Message” – Rene Kizilcec and Maximillian Chen

  • “Human Languages in Source Code: Auto-Translation for Localized Instruction” – Chris Piech and Sami Abu-El-Haija

  • “Toward Learning at Scale in Developing Countries: Lessons from the Global Learning XPRIZE Field Study” – Andrew McReynolds, Sheba Naderzad, Mononito Goswami and Jack Mostow

  • “Using Google Search Trends to Estimate Global Patterns in Learning Quality” – Serhat Arslan, Mohit Tiwari, and Chris Piech 

  • “Learning to Cheat: Quantifying Changes in Score Advantage of Unproctored Assessments Over Time” – Binglin Chen, Sushmita Azad, Max Fowler, Matthew West and Craig Zilles

Conference Workshops

  • Supporting Learners’ Self-regulation in LMOOCs: What Have We Done and How Far We Can Go?
  • Building an Infrastructure for Computer Science Education Research and Practice at Scale
  • Artificial Intelligence for Video-based Learning @ Scale
  • Educational A/B Testing @ Scale
  • Learning Engineering @ Scale
  • Designing Inclusive Learning Environments
  • Global Learning @ Scale
  • Code Free Chatbot Development: An Easy Way to Jumpstart Your Chatbot!