Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Workshops and Opening Reception

8am Breakfast for workshop participants

9am Workshops begin

Educational Nonlinear Stories with Twine
(online workshop; half-day: 9am-12pm)
Organizers: May Kristine Jonson Carlon, Donn Emmanuel Gonda, Eden Mariquit Andrews, John Maurice Gayed, Robert Anthony Olexa and Jeffrey S. Cross

Learnersourcing: Student-generated Content @ Scale (half-day: 1-4pm)
Organizers: Steven Moore, John Stamper, Christopher Brooks, Paul Denny and Hassan Khosravi

Third Annual Workshop on A/B Testing and Platform-Enabled Learning Research (full-day: 9am-4pm)
Organizers: Steven Ritter, Neil Heffernan, Joseph Jay Williams, Klinton Bicknell, Derek Lomas, Jeremy Roschelle, Ben Motz, Danielle McNamara, Richard Baraniuk, Debshila Basu Mallick, Rene Kizilcec and Ryan Baker

Achieving “A’s for All (as time and interest allow)” (full-day: 9am-4pm)
Organizers: Dan Garcia, Craig Zilles, Connor McMahon, Yuan Garcia, Mariana Silva and Matthew West

12-1pm Lunch for workshop participants

1pm Workshops continue

4.15pm Transit by metro (F train) to Hudson yards

5pm The Edge visit (buy discounted ticket during registration, or on the day)

6-9pm Opening Reception with an incredible view of Manhattan and Poster Presentation hosted by HPI/SAP (10 Hudson Yards; a 30mins subway ride from the Verizon Center) 

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Papers, Panel, Poster Reception

7.30am Breakfast in the foyer

8.30am Welcome from Greg Morrisett, Dean and Vice Provost of Cornell Tech

9am Paper Session: Recommendation and Personalisation @ Scale
* Automatic Interpretable Personalized Learning (Ethan Prihar, Aaron Haim, Adam Sales, Neil Heffernan)
* Heterogeneity of treatment effects of a video recommendation system for algebra (Walter Leite, Huan Kuang, Zuchao Shen, Nilanjana Chakraborty, George Michailidis, Sidney D’Mello, Wanli Xing)
* Post Recommendation System Impact on Student Participation and Performance in an Online AI Graduate Course (India Irish, Saurabh Chatterjee, Chirag Tailor, Roy Finkelberg, Rosa Arriaga, Thad Starner)

10.30am Short Break with Refreshments

10.45am Paper Session: Analytics @ Scale
* Incorporating Training, Self-monitoring and AI-Assistance to Improve Peer Feedback Quality (Ali Darvishi, Hassan Khosravi, Solmaz Abdi, Shazia Sadiq, Dragan Gasevic)
* A scenario-based exploration of expected usefulness, privacy concerns, and adoption likelihood of learning analytics (Xiaotian Li, Mary Beth Rosson, Jenay Robert)
* RLens: A Computer-aided Visualization System for Supporting Reflection on Language Learning under Distributed Tutorship (Meng Xia, Yankun Zhao, Jihyeong Hong, Mehmet Hamza Erol, Taewook Kim, Juho Kim)

12.15pm Lunch in the foyer and courtyard

1.15pm Panel: Funding Learning at Scale, with Kumar Garg (Schmidt Futures), Mark Schneider (IES), Lee Zia (NSF), moderated by Susan Singer (Rollins College)

2.15pm Paper Session: Academics @ Scale
* Digital Education for All: Multi-University Study of Increasing Competent Student Admissions at Scale (Nea Pirttinen, Juho Leinonen, Kjell Lemström, Annemari Auvinen, Vesa Lappalainen, Katja Tynkkynen, Henrik Hedberg, Mikko-Jussi Laakso)
* Meet Me in the Middle: Retention in a “MOOC-Based” Degree Program (David Joyner)

3.15pm Short Break with Refreshments

3.30pm Paper Session: CS Education @ Scale
* Function Names: Quantifying the Relationship Between Identifiers and Their Functionality to Improve Them (Charis Charitsis, Chris Piech, John Mitchell)
* LEGenT: Localizing Errors and Generating Test-cases for CS1 (Nimisha Agarwal, Amey Karkare)
* Using NLP to Quantify Program Decomposition in CS1 (Charis Charitsis, Chris Piech, John Mitchell)

5-6.30pm Reception: Work-in Progress Posters and Demos (foyer and courtyard)

Friday, June 3, 2022

Keynote, Papers, Panel, Closing

7.30am Breakfast in the foyer and Leading Inclusive Research Teams and Projects in Learning@Scale (Adetunji Adeniran, Garron Hillaire, Jacqueline Cavazos)

8.30am Keynote: Martha Pollack, President of Cornell University

9.30am Paper Session: Studies @ Scale
* Meta Transfer Learning for Early Success Prediction in MOOCs (Vinitra Swamy, Mirko Marras, Tanja Käser)
* Large-Scale Student Data Reveal Sociodemographic Gaps in Procrastination Behavior (Sunil Sabnis, Renzhe Yu, Rene Kizilcec)

10.30am Short Break with Refreshments

10.45am Paper Session: Video Use @ Scale
* Using the YouTube Video Style in a MOOC – (Re-)Testing the Effect of Visual Experience in a Field-Experiment (Hendrik Steinbeck, Theresa Elfriede Isa Zobel, Christoph Meinel)
* Picturing One’s Self: Camera Use in Zoom Classes during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Na Li, Guillermo Rodriguez, Yuqiao Xu, Parth Bhatt, Huy Nguyen, Alex Serpi, Chunhua Tasi, John Carroll)
* Millions and Billions of Views: Understanding Popular Science and Knowledge Communication on Video-Sharing Platforms (Haijun Xia, Hui Xin Ng, Zhutian Chen, James Hollan)

12.15pm Lunch in the foyer

Panel: Future of Assessment, with Michael Nettles (ETS), Temple Lovelace (AERDF), Craig Zilles (U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), moderated by Candace Thille (Amazon).

2.15pm Paper Session: Instructional Design @ Scale
* The Challenges of Evolving Technical Courses at Scale: Four Case Studies of Updating Large Data Science Courses (Sam Lau, Justin Eldridge, Shannon Ellis, Aaron Fraenkel, Marina Langlois, Suraj Rampure, Janine Tiefenbruck, Philip Guo)
* Designing and Building Inclusive, Entry-level Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): Perspectives from Producers (Michael Meaney)

3.15pm Short Break with Refreshments

3.30pm Paper Session: Simulations and Games @ Scale
* When Gamification Spoils Your Learning: A Qualitative Case Study of Gamification Misuse in a Language-Learning App (Reza Hadi Mogavi, Bingcan Guo, Yuanhao Zhang, Ehsan Ul Haq, Pan Hui, Xiaojuan Ma)
* Digital Clinical Simulation Suite: Specifications and Architecture for Simulation-Based Pedagogy at Scale (Garron Hillaire, Rick Waldron, Joshua Littenberg-Tobias, Meredith Thompson, Sara O’Brien, G.R. Marvez, Justin Reich)

4.30pm Short Break with Refreshments

4.45pm Paper Session: Students @ Scale
* Pathways: Exploring Academic Interests with Historical Course Enrollment Records (Youjie Chen, Annie Fu, Jennifer Jia-Ling Lee, Ian Wilkie Tomaski, Rene F. Kizilcec)
* Learnersourcing in Theory and Practice: Synthesizing the Literature and Charting the Future (Anjali Singh, Christopher Brooks, Shayan Doroudi)

5.45pm Awards and Closing Ceremony