Presentations and Posters

Paper Presentations

Paper sessions generally are 90 minutes long with 3 papers. Each paper has 30 minutes, with 20 minutes (maximum) for presentation and 10 minutes for questions. The session chairs will keep time and lead the discussions. You are welcome with your laptop or to email or USB your presentation if you like. Please bring your HDMI adaptors if you need them.

Works in Progress

Poster sessions will be held Thursday and Friday afternoons. There will be approximately 36 posters, and we are working on having all posters displayed for both days. We will let you know about that plan once we confirm with the venue. Poster stands and mounting materials will be made available. Below, we provide important instructions on formatting – particularly the need for PORTRAIT (vertical) orientation. We will need two posters side-by-side, so all posters must have a portrait orientation.

Formatting and printing options

Posters must fit into a standard A0 (A-zero) size, with a portrait (vertical) orientation: 841 x 1189 mm (or 33.1 x 46.8 inches) width x length. Please be careful to stay within the width limit (841 mm). Posters will be affixed to the poster boards with pushpins. We will provide some pushpins, but presenters are encouraged to bring their own and to share to help everyone set up their posters quickly.

We will not provide printing services, but several print shops are available near the University. Generally, we use Vester Kopi.